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What the cat eats

I’m persnickety about what Lily the cat eats, and Lily is too. Though I know that some cat keepers and cat food authorities say that cats should not be on a diet of only dried food, cats may have their own opinions. Lily is very opinionated, and her opinion is that nothing will suit other […]

Up comes the drawbridge

My plan all along, regardless of the outcome of the election, was to pull up the abbey’s drawbridge the day after the election and go into literary mode. I’ll start writing Symphony in Ursa Major, book 3 of the Ursa Major series. Ken is here for the winter. He has a contract for his third […]

Next year, a total eclipse

Wikimedia — Click on map for higher resolution Next year, most of us in the U.S. will have a chance to see a total eclipse of the sun without traveling too far. The eclipse will be Aug. 21, 2017. Here’s a web site with all the details: I think I’ve already figured out where […]

Spider 1, stink bug 0

The spider in my window was having a stink bug for lunch. Way to go, spider.


When I was a young’un in the rural South, we called these doodlebug holes. There is much folklore about doodlebug holes. The version I learned as a child was, “Doodlebug, doodlebug, come out, your house is on fire.” A little Googling reveals doodlebug holes to be the sand pit traps of antlion larvae. As for […]

On letting grass go to seed (follow-up)

When I check the logs of this blog, one post that I find is frequently read (by people searching Google) is “On letting grass go to seed” from May 2009. I owe my readers a follow-up on that post. In May 2009, I was so busy finishing the building of the abbey that I didn’t […]

A visit to Rag Apple Lassie vineyards

One of my favorite wineries in the Yadkin Valley is Rag Apple Lassie. It’s near Boonville in Yadkin County. Many of the Yadkin Valley wineries are hobby operations, typically started by rich CEO’s intrigued with the idea of making wine. Rag Apple Lassie, on the other hand, started as a true agricultural enterprise by former […]

I have no theory for this injustice (yet)

When Ken came through on book tour a couple of weeks ago, I gave him a copy of John Rawls’ A Theory of Justice. Later on his book tour, while in Houston, his rental car was parked outside the Houston Museum of Fine Arts. Someone smashed a window of the car and took Ken’s laptop […]

The moon out my window, 7:11 a.m.

The moon rises over the woods

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