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The New York Times paywall

The New York Times started its paywall yesterday with a very high subscription price — $15 a month. For a lower rate, I’d consider subscribing. But at that rate, I’m much more interested in getting around the paywall.

It turns out that getting around the paywall is extremely easy.

It used to be that, to read stories at the Times, you had to register and sign in. That’s no longer the case. Apparently only people who have subscribed have to sign in now. With no sign-in, you can read 20 stories a month before you get a screen soliciting a subscription. If the Times still required you to sign in, they could potentially store your free story count in a database on their system. That would be hard to defeat, but they apparently didn’t want to do it that way. Instead, your free story count is stored in a cookie. Throw away your New York Times cookies, and your story count starts again from zero. How easy is that?

The best way to read the Times now is with an “Incognito” window in the Chrome browser. Because Incognito mode throws away cookies when you close the Incognito window, it’s all very easy.

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  1. 39beetle wrote:

    Thanks for the tip on NYtimes. I haven’t read 20 articles yet, but I am reasonably confident that your work-around will work.

    I do appreciate that news organizations need income, but if all I visit were to be behind paywalls, I would have to give up the internet altogether There must be some way to reward the sites that we visit often, but $15 a pop is way too prohibitive for me.

    Thursday, March 31, 2011 at 7:02 am | Permalink

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