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The land…


This is a wintertime satellite photo of my land. It’s five acres, all trees — about an acre of pine on the upper end and mixed hardwood on the lower end — oak, maple, hickory, beech, poplar.

The house is reached by a private gravel road shared with a few neighbors. The road ends after it passes my place. There’s one cabin beyond me on the end of the road. For scale, my road frontage is 763 feet. The X marks the building site.

The land is steep, on a southern slope. The upper end is 100 feet higher than the lower end. The lower boundary is defined by a small stream, and another small stream goes right through the middle of my property. The house will sit on a perch just above where the land falls off steeply toward the stream. The house will be hidden from the road.

It’s at least half a mile to a paved road in all directions.

The topography looks like this:


And the surrounding land looks like this. The surrounding land for miles around is mostly woods, with an occasional field. The Dan River is about three miles away.