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David Dalton, who built Acorn Abbey, spent the first half of his career as a newspaper editor and the second half managing newspapers' publishing systems. He retired in 2008 from the San Francisco Chronicle. So editing and publishing seem as natural to Dalton as gathering eggs from Acorn Abbey's hens.

Dalton started Acorn Abbey Books in 2011. The first book published at the abbey was People Skills Handbook. Acorn Abbey Books provided the editorial, typographical, and prepress services for People Skills Handbook.

Fugue in Ursa Major was published in July 2014. Fugue in Ursa Major, a science fiction novel, was written by Dalton.

Future projects from Acorn Abbey Books includes a sequel to Fugue in Ursa Major and an illustrated book based on the Into the Woods blog about the building of Acorn Abbey.

Targeted for publication in 2015, the book about Acorn Abbey has a working title of Dream It, Downsize It, Then Do It: the Building of Acorn Abbey. The book will be a practical guide on how to make a reality of one’s dreams of downsizing and getting away from it all.

Fugue in Ursa Major

Jake is young, and his life seems boring. Phaedrus is old, and his life seems empty. Phaedrus seems to think that a nightmare is about to happen. Jake just wants to go on dreaming. Does Phaedrus really know something? Or is he just a broken old man? Jake must choose. If Phaedrus is right, then Jake’s life is going to change, and Jake will have to rethink everything he ever knew.

People Skills Handbook: Action Tips for Improving Your Emotional Intelligence

People Skills Handbook was published in 2012. Acorn Abbey Books provided the editorial, typographical, and prepress services for the book. The authors are Judy Aanstad, Ph.d., Pamela Corbett, M.A., Catherine Jourdan, MAEd., and Roger Pearman, Ed.D.

The book is a trade paperback, 450 pages. The book is in print and is available at Amazon.

Click here for the People Skills Handbook Amazon page.


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