New release in LGBT science fiction: Oratorio in Ursa Major

Oratorio in Ursa Major is book 2 of the Ursa Major series. Oratorio in Ursa Major is a continuation of the story that begins with Fugue in Ursa Major. However, Oratorio is complete in itself and can be read first, with Fugue read later as a sequel.

In the first book of the Ursa Major series, Fugue in Ursa Major, Jake rides out a global apocalypse at Phaedrus' hermitage in the Appalachian mountains. Jake's secrets -- and Phaedrus' secrets as well -- begin to come out.

In the second book of the series, Oratorio in Ursa Major, Jake must undertake a dangerous quest into the past for the sake of earth's future. From the people of old Scotland and Gaul in 48 B.C., with their natural attitudes toward life and love, Jake comes to understand why the new earth must be rebuilt on ancient foundations.

This book has LGBT themes and takes a heretical stand on religion. It's not for everyone! But if you have an open mind, then Oratorio in Ursa Major has much to say about why the world didn't have to be this way.

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Also at Amazon: Fugue in Ursa Major

Fugue in Ursa Major is book 1 of the Ursa Major series.

‟What if we destroyed the foundation on which civilization teeters to build something new? Dalton's apocalyptic novel explores the unspeakable with guts, gusto, and a heathy dose of heresy. It's smart and nerdy, historical and philosophical, but also moving and heartfelt, uplifted by an emotional touch that the genre often lacks."  Ken Ilgunas, author of Walden on Wheels: On the Road from Debt to Freedom

‟A novel of ideas unlike any other I've read, beginning with a storm, ending with a cataclysm, but finding a warm humanistic spirit along the way. David Dalton is a fresh and fascinating new voice. I can only hope the story will continue." Jonathan Rauch, author of Gay Marriage: Why It is Good for Gays, Good for Straights, and Good for America

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