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Monthly Archives: May 2011

As though it was here all along…

It’s pretty pretentious to give your house a name. But what the heck. The name suits the place. And I’m guilty of worse than pretense. I’m also guilty of magical thinking. I often have the impression that Acorn Abbey existed in some form before I built it. It wanted to be built. It demanded to […]

Go, garden go

It’s awfully nice to go to the garden to shop for supper rather than to the grocery store. As the garden’s production starts to ramp up, this will happen (I hope) more and more often. This broccoli and spinach went, all raw, into a salad dowsed with homemade Russian dressing. I picked the spinach and […]

Baby groundhogs

Photo by Ken Ilgunas The groundhog population at the abbey has grown by at least two. We’ve seen them several times, not behind the house and garden where Mr. Groundhog usually appears, but in front of the house along the road, as though they’re living in the rabbit patch. Ken took several photos of the […]

Garden report

A run of cool weather has slowed down everything in the garden but the early crops — the cabbage family, peas, spinach and celery. We’ve been eating peas for a week, and we harvested the first broccoli three days ago. We’ll probably eat all the spinach in the next week. Celery is a slow grower, […]

Porch lizards, in flagrante delicto

I don’t know what species they are. I just call them porch lizards, because for some reason there are gazillions of them on my deck and porches. This morning I caught two of them in flagrante delicto, making yet more porch lizards for me to catch someday in flagrante delicto, and so on, ad infinitum. […]