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Monthly Archives: October 2022

Computers vs. reality: The war to sell it to us is on

Source: Wikimedia Commons We are fortunate that there is some competition in the market for technology. Even so, you get only two choices for your smartphone — an Apple iPhone or an Android phone. It’s starting to look as though there will be two choices for the next big thing. Facebook calls that next big […]

My take on colonial onion pie

Three days after I got home from Williamsburg, I couldn’t stop thinking about the onion pie at Chowning’s Tavern. So I made an onion pie. I used the concept from the recipe below. I didn’t use any eggs, though. I included a couple of Morningstar’s vegetarian breakfast sausage. Recipe for Williamsburg onion pie Though sliced […]


Williamsburg, if you haven’t been there, is worth the trip. It’s hard to get to, way out on the Virginia coast. It’s very expensive. And it’s not child friendly. But they’re very serious about re-creating the earliest moments of American colonial history, not just as a still life, but in motion, including the sounds and […]

Williamsburg onion pie

Onion pie with brown ale, Chowning’s Tavern, Williamsburg I’m back home after a couple of very nice days in Colonial Williamsburg with Ken. Mostly I shot video rather than photos. I’ll post a video after I get the editing done. Onion pie, it seems, is a Williamsburg specialty. The recipe in the link below calls […]

Making persimmon pudding

Two years ago, I wrote thorough post on making persimmon pudding from wild persimmons. This year, Ken and I have made a video. That was yesterday. I’d be ashamed to tell you how much persimmon pudding is left this morning.

Oligarchs and the rest of us

Politico has a must-read piece today, an interview with Fiona Hill: Fiona Hill: ‘Elon Musk Is Transmitting a Message for Putin.’ Part of what makes this interview a must-read is how it exposes the media’s inadequacy in trying to cover something as complicated as Putin’s war against Ukraine. Only a specialist and academic like Fiona […]

No more chaos on the book shelves

What do two nerds do on a rainy day? They empty all the bookshelves, stack the books on the floor, scan all the titles into a database, and put the books back onto the shelves, in alphabetical order by category. Including the scanning that I had done before Ken’s visit, this was a total of […]

Ken’s story lives on …

In many ways, it seems like just yesterday that Ken’s Walden on Wheels was published. That was May 14, 2013. The book continues to sell well. The book earned back Ken’s advance from the publisher several years ago and continues to bring in money for Ken. Ken wrote Walden on Wheels here at Acorn Abbey. […]

Oliver Cromwell: Villain or hero?

Source: Wikimedia Commons What’s remarkable about Oliver Cromwell, 350 years after he died, is that he is still a touchy subject. Why should that be? I would propose that it’s because the conflicts of the 17th Century have not really been settled: What kind of government is best, and what should religion have to do […]

Trump: How will it end?

Authoritarian dreams of global domination. Source: Wikimedia Commons Salon has an excellent interview today with George Conway, who formerly was a Republican and a Justice Department lawyer. Conway is asked all the right questions. Conway is well positioned to be taken seriously. His answers, I believe, are spot on. Everyone should read this article, but […]