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Monthly Archives: June 2016

Pesto days are here again

What could be more thrilling than the first of the summer pesto from just-picked basil? The first tomato sandwich from the first-picked tomato, that’s what. But the tomatoes are still about a week away.


These days we take bridges for granted. We seldom think about what travel was like when getting across rivers was a big deal. The earliest solution, of course, was to ford the river where the terrain was suitable. Then came ferries, and then came bridges. In one of my visits to Paris, I wondered aloud […]

Signed advance copies of Oratorio in Ursa Major

Oratorio in Ursa Major will be released July 1. Between now and June 15, 2016, I’m offering signed advance copies of Oratorio, hardback only, at a discount, through this blog. The cost is $25 per copy, which includes shipping by priority mail. The retail price of the hardback will be $29.99, so this is a […]

The angelic side of those devil blackberries

For eleven months of the year, blackberries are terrible neighbors. They come up everywhere. If you get anywhere near them, they reach out and grab you with their briars. Their stems are as tough as Kevlar, and it’s very difficult to cut them back. But for one month of the year, blackberries pay you back […]