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Monthly Archives: November 2007

Cooking oil: an unsolved problem in local living

As a thought experiment, imagine what you would eat if you lived in Stokes County and could eat only foods grown within 50 miles. If you had a good garden, you could eat quite well. However, local sources of vegetable oil would be a problem. Our ancestors in these parts relied on butter and lard. […]

Google Earth'ing my land

I’d been waiting for something like two years for Google Earth to get high-resolution images of Stokes County. Finally they do! Here’s a Google Earth view of my land. The property line is the white triangle in the lower left foreground. That’s Hanging Rock State Park looming high in the background. The elevation of the […]

Dan River Basin Association

Do you know where the Dan River begins and where it goes a few counties downstream? The Dan River Basic Association‘s web site is a good source of information on the Dan River — including its history, geology, and the way the river is today. Their free PDF book, “Adventures in the Dan River Basin,” […]

More about the roof line

The complete roofline, and the other dormer windows, are not apparent in the drawings of the gothic revival cottage that I have posted previously. This angle clearly shows the gabled roof and the front dormer: And this angle shows the hipped roof and the side dormer: The front dormer lights the stairs and the upstairs […]