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Monthly Archives: June 2013


Click on image for high-resolution version I thought my day lilies weren’t looking as lush this year as they ought to look. This afternoon, I caught this doe eating the blooms right off the stalk like they were popcorn.

2 major TV appearances by Ken

Ken has two major television appearances coming up in the next week. On Thursday, June 20, he’ll be on CBS This Morning. On Monday, June 24, he’ll be on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. The scheduling of the Tonight Show appearance may change because of the NBA playoffs, so check the Tonight Show web […]

More bread portraits

75% whole wheat, 25 percent unbleached bread flour The sourdough testing continues, using the Tartine method described by Michael Pollan in his book Cooked. I have been very excited by the results and continue to try to refine my sourdough boule technique. Another virtue of sourdough bread: It keeps longer. Yeast bread normally molds on […]

First day lily

Click on image for high-resolution version I had thought that the cool spring had delayed the day lilies significantly this year, but when I checked I found that the first day lily was only 4 days later than in 2011.

Whose hobbit hole is this?

Today while mowing the grass, I found the home of a new neighbor. The burrow is only about 20 feet from the side door of the abbey, in a steep bank above a newly planted deciduous magnolia tree. It looks just like a rabbit hole. But my understanding is that the eastern cottontail rabbit, which […]


Click on image for high resolution version