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Rainbow on the opposite ridge

Click here for high-resolution version. This photo has been tweaked in Photoshop, using the “Levels” control. The color here is all real and is just as the camera saw it, but the overall darkening of the image in Photoshop brightens the colors and intensifies the luminosity. The view is from an upstairs front window.

Episcopic illumination

Two letters of the word “LIBERTY” on an American 25-cent piece, magnified 60x Two years ago, I wrote a post, with photos, about my Nikon Model S microscope. People who are Googling for this classic microscope often find my post, and it has been quite popular. In 2016, I did not have an “episcopic illuminator” […]

Tinctures, on film

A friend in Black Mountain is experimenting with making tinctures. The alcohol is organic grape alcohol. The ingredients include all sorts of herbs and flowers. Also, below is the film version of the recent daffodils shot. These are both film shots using Fuji Velvia 100 reversal film in the Mamiya RB67. The tinctures shot is […]

Two portraits, 35 years apart

Click for high resolution version I went on a road trip to Asheville earlier this week, and while I was there I shot portraits of my oldest friend, whom I have known for almost 50 years. I shot the earlier portrait, below, around 1984. It was shot with a Yashica camera, medium format. The new […]

What can we learn from railway maps?

A coal train near Cotton Hill, West Virginia. Source: Jason Bostic, Flickr As I mentioned recently, one of my New Year’s resolutions is to go on more hiking and picture-taking expeditions. When I made the resolution, I was vaguely aware that I wanted to focus on the Appalachian highlands. But I also wanted to get […]

eBay’ing from Japan

Having spent an embarrassing amount of money lately on a film camera, lenses, and other stuff necessary for film photography, I certainly had noticed on eBay that some of the best deals and best prices were from Japanese dealers. I came across a portrait lens that looked so perfect and was so reasonably priced that […]

Delhi, 1993

I’ve had some distractions and haven’t posted for more than a week, but I’ll be back soon. One of my distractions has been getting myself set up for 120-format film photography. That included buying a film scanner. Having a film scanner enabled me to scan some of my slides from a trip to India in […]

First analog photos

The first roll of film from the Mamiya RB67 has been processed. The camera certainly works, but I have some stuff to learn. For a first roll, it wasn’t bad. Here are two of the ten shots. It’s available light, shot on a table beside a north-facing window, camera on a tripod. They’re experiments for […]