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Monthly Archives: November 2019

The duties of decency

One of the things that astonishes me and scares the daylights out of me, while watching the House impeachment hearings, is what the Republican Party has become. The vileness and just plain meanness of Reps. Jim Jordan and Devin Nunes are on full display as they spit and rant and bully to create sound bites […]

At last we see the tip of the iceberg

For those of us who have been paying careful attention to the crimes and treason of Donald Trump and connecting the dots as best we can, this morning was a milestone. When Gordon Sondland, in his opening statement to the House Intelligence Committee, threw everyone under the bus — Trump, Pence, Pompeo and all — […]

Barley twist

I recently came into possession of this strange table, which belonged to my grandparents. Frankly I find the table somewhat ugly. But I’m amused by the eccentricity and whimsy. To try to find out about the style, I Googled for “double helix furniture.” That turned up lots of images of antique furniture and revealed that […]

Beyond Sausage vegan bratwurst

Beyond Sausage bratwurst, sweet and sour Brussels sprouts, and potato salad Beyond Meat’s bratwurst was on sale at a grocery store in Madison, so I decided to try it. Was it awesome? Not really. In taste and bite and texture, it was a lot like vegan cold cuts that have been on the market for […]

Mrs. Squirrel

Mrs. Squirrel looks down at me from her lofty perch high up the back of the house. The four little ones have not yet left the nest in my attic, as far as I know. As soon as the little ones are up and away, I’ll nail in enough metal fabric to make sure that […]

Fried barley?

Good-bye garden stir fry with fried barley For the longest time, I had been planning to see if fried barley can compete with fried rice. Yes it can. The chewy texture of barley makes great fried rice. The grains are sturdy and are not at risk of turning to mush when thrown around in the […]

They’ll move right in if you let them

Mrs. Squirrel’s nest in my attic For a year or two, I have been chasing a pesky squirrel off the deck. My argument with it (she turned out to be a she) was that she had plenty of space in the woods, so go home. She also loved climbing on the house. She would often […]


Kefir-lovers swear that kefir has even more probiotic virtue than yogurt. I have read that kefir culture persists in our digestive systems but that yogurt culture is transient. I have no idea if that is true. But personally I find that I like kefir better. And kefir is easier to make than yogurt. Yogurt needs […]