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хор мальчиков хорового училища им.М.И.Глинки

Russia, just now — as has often been the case — is poorly regarded and even feared in the West. But we might do well to keep in mind that the Russian people and the Russian oligarchs in the Kremlin are two very different Russias. While watching a great many music videos on YouTube for […]

In the end, what did they gain?

These photos were lifted from Facebook, sources unknown. There are, I would say, five classes of Trumpers: 1. The Trumps themselves 2. Elites, such as U.S. senators, who enabled and shielded Trump 3. Those who voted for Trump in 2016 4. Those who are voting for Trump again in 2020 5. The super-rich, who got […]

Authoritarian governments

Authoritarianism: What Everyone Needs to Know. Erica Frantz, Oxford University Press, 2018. 200 pages. My expectations for this book probably were a bit off. What I wanted was a kind of theoretical understanding of authoritarianism, or a kind of model from which predictions could be made. This book, though, is more a statistical study of […]

Let’s go there: Worst-case scenarios

This gun-cleaning mat sent out as a freebie to gun-supply customers is pretty clear about how the Republican Party retails Trumpian meanness to its base. Source: Reddit We are being terrorized, aren’t we? Yet again yesterday, in a press conference, Trump said that any election he loses would be fraudulent and that he won’t commit […]

The hidden powers that are killing democracy

Source: Wikimedia Commons To the global super-rich, the rest of us are little more than just another natural resource to be exploited, no different in any meaningful way from industrial chickens or pigs. To a significant degree, though, the super-rich are afraid of the masses. The masses can be a bit more threatening than chickens […]

Virtual emigration, anyone?

My 20-year-old Sony headphones, well worn but still working Ken, who is now back in Scotland after being stuck in the U.S. for six months during the Covid-19 lockdown, writes: “I can’t tell you how detoxed I already feel from U.S. politics…. No more Trump signs, no more awful religion, no more right wing madness…. […]

Not quite what the 2nd Amendment crowd expected

Inside a Ruger gun factory, from a Ruger “how it’s made” video We’re starting to get data on who has been buying so many guns this year in America. Guess what. It’s not just old rural white guys. It’s women and African-Americans and liberals. A news release on Aug. 24 from the National Shooting Sports […]

The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich

The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, William L. Shirer. Simon & Schuster, 1959. 1,252 pages. If I had read this book five years ago, I would have read it pretty much purely as history. Barack Obama was still president of the United States. Having elected its first black president and experienced eight years […]

Germany, redeemed

Germany today: Hamburg, Nov. 12, 2017 I have only about 150 pages to go in William Shirer’s The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich. I just finished reading the horrifying chapter on the atrocities of the Nazis. Shirer also describes what the Nazis had in mind, had they won the war. They would have […]

The other pandemic: Trumper psychosis

Hitler in Nuremberg, 1935. Source: Wikimedia Commons. Click here for high-resolution version. Two pandemics are at present raging across the United States. Both are particularly severe in the West and South, where, for similar reasons, people are particularly likely to be infected. One pandemic, of course, is a biological pandemic, Covid-19. The other is what […]