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Monthly Archives: February 2023

Yesterday’s fiction

Robert Cedric Sherriff, circa 1928. Source: Hear the Boat Sing. Unless a novel becomes a classic, it will become obscure. It may or may not show up on book lists. There probably won’t ever be a Gutenberg edition. The review industry, of course, is concerned with what’s new. How might we discover now-obscure books that […]

I’m rooting for Oxford, not for the cars

Bicycles at Oxford. Source: Wikimedia Commons. A third of the people of Oxford don’t have cars. Slate Magazine has an excellent piece this morning on the town of Oxford’s plan to stop cars from overwhelming its medieval streets: How One City’s Traffic Plan Kicked Off a Global Right-Wing Freakout. The problem that Oxford is trying […]

Carnival Row

Vignette and Philo, before Philo got his ridiculous hat and his bad haircut. When the “Carnival Row” series started in 2019, I ignored it because I misconstrued what it was. It’s fantasy. But because of the name, and because of the stupid hat that Orlando Bloom wears in the promotional photos (under which is a […]

Pearls before swine

Credit: CSpan When in the same room as the abundant kindness and goodness of President Joe Biden, how can Republicans even stand themselves? I’ll answer my own question. Many Republicans are so far gone that they can’t even know what they are. I did not watch Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ Republican rebuttal. But according to Heather […]

Big savings on both money and pain

My old WaterPik died after eight years of service. I ordered a new one from Amazon. The new models have some small improvements. The lid pops up and stays put rather than coming off completely. The water tube curls up inside the case when it’s not in use, saving a little space. I don’t yet […]