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Monthly Archives: October 2012

A pumpkin glut?

On a trip to the Virginia mountains a few days ago, I was surprised to see several big fields of unharvested pumpkins. Shouldn’t they be gathered in well before Halloween? I’m wondering if this year’s pumpkin crop exceeded the demand.

The North Carolina coast

River Forest Manor at Belhaven. It’s now closed, and for sale. I got back last night from a three-day trip to the North Carolina coast. I wish I could say it was a good trip, but mostly it wasn’t. Ocracoke Island was nice and hasn’t changed in any major way since I was last there […]

That Fiona …

I wish everyone could get to know just one nice chicken really well. Then we’d stop thinking that chickens are dumb and unfeeling, and we’d give chickens much better lives. All chickens are different. Even when they’re brought up similarly, they have very distinct personalities. The more attention they get, and the more you interact […]

Pie season!

Let’s hope it’s not as dry as it looks in this photo. There’s juice down in there. This is prime pie season — one of the best times of the year for cooking. My apples this week came from a roadside produce stand on U.S. 601 in Davie County. They said the apples came from […]

Calling it quits for 2012

Heirloom green beans for seed Though I feel a bit guilty, I did not plant turnips and greens for a late garden this year. I was just too burned out from a summer of gardening and canning. Today I officially retired the garden. I picked the remaining green peppers. There was about a peck of […]


Can you espy the chicken in this photo? When I go out to fetch her, she will come up to me, sqat to be petted, then dutifully follow me to the gate.