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Monthly Archives: January 2017


This showed up in my Facebook feed with the words, “Powerful photo. We are fortunate to have a man of God back in the Oval Office.” I regularly check the logs for this blog. It’s gratifying that many of the blog’s regular readers are outside the U.S., particularly in Europe. In addition to regular readers, […]

Democracy for Sale

Zack Galifianakis in a scene from the documentary, with one of our locals who lives near a coal-ash impoundment Readers of this blog know that I love to shoot photos at grassroots political events here in the rural South. It’s a chance to do some casual portraiture — which I love. I also see the […]

Making things while the sun shines

It’s January, right? The high temperature today was about 67 F. So far this month, almost 5.5 inches of rain have fallen. Some nearby folks report that the snakes have been up — in January! It has been a beautiful month. I’m all for it as long as we don’t have an early spring that […]

Get a grip, HBO

In times like these, we need stories more than ever. About 46 percent of the people around us have proven themselves morally insane. Powerful forces (I wouldn’t hesitate to use the world evil) are doing everything possible to push the country deeper and deeper into a state of hatred and delusion. A madman has been […]

2016: Record temperature for 3rd straight year

Wikipedia Commons: Polar bear starving on Svalbard because of ice melting early Reports are out today that 2016 set a record for global temperature for the third year in a row. A lot of people don’t quite grasp an important part of the science of global warming. A few degrees doesn’t seem like much. But […]

Four years to go

Very little about Americans is amusing these days, but I did have a good laugh this week about right-wing “preppers.” The companies that sell them guns, storage food, and survival items flourished during the Obama years. After all, right-wingers were told that President Obama was going to take their guns away, that the dollar and […]

Simple Friday

The weather Friday was perfect (67 degrees F, quite a change from the polar vortex a week ago), so we had Simple Friday rather than Simple Saturday this week. Why is cooking and eating outdoors so much fun? In any case, I’m starting to get the hang of cooking on the firebox. I’d kill for […]


When I lived in San Francisco, it was easy to buy good port, with lots of options. Much of it came from California. But, here in the provinces, the city liquor stores don’t carry port. If the grocery stores have it, it is almost always cheap brands that are not safe for septic tanks, let […]

What the cat eats

I’m persnickety about what Lily the cat eats, and Lily is too. Though I know that some cat keepers and cat food authorities say that cats should not be on a diet of only dried food, cats may have their own opinions. Lily is very opinionated, and her opinion is that nothing will suit other […]

Another snowfall photo

Every snowfall is an excuse to shoot photos of the house. This photo is from the 10 or more inches of snow that fell on January 7. The landscaping of the abbey is still a work in progress. There are 13 of the arbor vitae trees, most of which are about a third to half […]