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Monthly Archives: November 2012


No crowded aisles today at Whole Foods A few weeks ago I mentioned that a new Trader Joe’s has opened less than a mile from Whole Foods. Yesterday, on a Monday morning, Trader Joe’s was busy. But Whole Foods was as un-busy as I’ve ever seen it. It’s interesting that Trader Joe’s seems to siphon […]

I am thankful for …

… leftover mashed potatoes with which to make potato cakes for breakfast.

Iambus, King of all the North

King Iambus slays an anapest (Arthur Rackham). OK. Actually it’s King Arthur slaying a dragon. As an editor with lots of friends who are writers, I have lots of conversations about writing. When talking about writing, sometimes it’s important to talk about the rhythm of language. To talk about the rhythm of language, one needs […]

Narc'ed out by gmail

Click on the image above for a high-res version The media today are focusing on the downfall of David Petraeus, the former CIA director. The Atlantic has a piece on how the FBI snooped on Petraeus and his mistress. It was from identifying information in the header of Google email. All email has a header. […]

What did the cat see?

Lily was in stalking position with her nose to the glass, staring down at something just on the other side of the door. I couldn’t see what it was, but I approached quietly with the camera. Lily moved away, and the bird hopped away from the door when it saw me. I think they must […]

iPad readers

This week, a Sony Reader app for iPad was released. That’s now four major readers available on the iPad that I know of — Apple’s iBooks, Amazon’s Kindle, Sony’s Reader, and Barnes & Noble’s Nook. Sony did it right and makes it possible to download all the books you’ve previously bought to the new iPad […]

Trader Joe's

A Trader Joe’s recently opened in the town where I do most of my shopping — Winston-Salem. It’s in the space where a Borders bookstore used to be, and it’s less than a mile from Whole Foods. I had not been to a Trader Joe’s since I left California more than four years ago. In […]