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iPad readers

This week, a Sony Reader app for iPad was released. That’s now four major readers available on the iPad that I know of — Apple’s iBooks, Amazon’s Kindle, Sony’s Reader, and Barnes & Noble’s Nook.

Sony did it right and makes it possible to download all the books you’ve previously bought to the new iPad app. I was an early adopter of the Sony Reader (more than five years ago), so I had bought quite a few books. All those books now reside on my iPad.

I’ve not yet tried the Nook app, because I don’t yet have an account at Barnes & Noble. I’ll probably open an account, though, because it’s nice to have as many options as possible when buying books.

Books take up a relatively small amount of storage space, so it’s great to be able to carry so many books around with you. It’s also nice that the books are searchable. If you remember something from a book you’ve previously read that you want to look up, it’s easy.

The process of getting older classics into digital format is continuing. I’m finding that many science fiction classics from the 1980s and older are now showing up in Kindle editions. There are often lots of typos, however. It’s clear that the books were scanned and run through an OCR system with very little proofing. Some classics still haven’t made it to digital, though. A few weeks ago I was unable to find anything at all by Daphne du Maurier.

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