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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Free fiction, and an Ayn Rand rant

“Someday someone is going to do a psyche profile on you and discover what’s behind that switch that allows you to go from the personable Captain we all know to a cold tactician in an instant,” Oz said quietly. “I don’t enjoy getting into one firefight after another, but when some corporate marionette tells me […]

A helicopter theory?

I’ve mentioned a number of times the unusual amount of military helicopter traffic over Acorn Abbey. I think I may have a clue. On Thursday, 36 hours or so before Hurricane Irene came ashore in North Carolina, there was a westward parade of helicopters, all following the same course (though at a higher altitude than […]

What hurricane?

Miracle peppers. Do they have deep roots or something? One would think that a major hurricane traveling along the North Carolina coastline would bring more rain to inland North Carolina. I am about 225 miles from the coast. My forecast shows a chance of rain of only 20 percent as the hurricane passes by tomorrow […]

One more UFO post…

Some say that the U.S. captured a UFO like this, reverse-engineered it, and built a new one like it. [Image from The Disclosure Project Briefing Document] One of the many wonderful things about being retired is that you don’t need a job, so you no longer have to care whether people think you’re crazy. Ridicule […]

Citizens of the galaxy

Radio telescope, Arecibo, Puerto Rico “We do not have to visit a madhouse to find disordered minds; our planet is the mental institution of the universe.” — Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, 1749-1832 It is no big secret that, for years, the government has been paying academics to try to predict — and presumably prepare for […]

Surveying the battlefield

A pathetic sunflower. My flock of finches moved on. I don’t blame them. There wasn’t much for them to eat after the heat wiped out the annuals. The brutal, killing weather of summer makes me clinically insane. I can’t explain this, though other gardeners might understand. The most I can manage is to stay indoors, […]

Book review: German propaganda in WWII

The Jewish Enemy: Nazi Propaganda During World War II and the Holocaust, Jeffrey Herf, Harvard University Press, 2006. I finally got around to reading a book on Nazi propaganda. As I’ve mentioned before, I have long been interested in the black art and dark science of propaganda. Nazi propaganda is an important — if not […]

Triplets, all hungry

Have pity on this poor mama deer. She has three hungry mouths to feed. Of course, that’s my grass they’re eating. The grass that grows over the septic tank drain field also keeps Mr. Groundhog fat.

A raccoon did it, I believe

A hollowed-out watermelon Of all the varmints around here, it’s now the raccoon, I think, that does the most harm. Before the fence was installed last year, it was the deer that did the most damage. But now, with most of the high-value stuff inside the fence, the deer can’t wipe me out. But the […]