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One more UFO post…

Some say that the U.S. captured a UFO like this, reverse-engineered it, and built a new one like it. [Image from The Disclosure Project Briefing Document]

One of the many wonderful things about being retired is that you don’t need a job, so you no longer have to care whether people think you’re crazy. Ridicule has been used for decades to prevent serious discussion about UFOs. Reports are that airline pilots see UFOs all the time, but they don’t talk about it, because it’s a quick way to end one’s career.

The official story about UFOs, of course, is that they don’t exist. The unofficial story is much more interesting than that. For those interested in the unofficial story, there is no better source than “The Disclosure Project Briefing Document.” It’s 500 pages long, and it rounds up all the best unofficial information that is available. When the document was compiled in 2001 by Steven Greer and Theodore Loder, their hope was that the document would lead to congressional hearings. That never happened, though there was a presentation for the National Press Club.

The briefing document contains interviews with, and in some cases sworn affidavits by, people who have knowledge of UFOs. Mostly these people are retired military types, or engineers or contractors who have been employed by the military or military contractors. The strength of this compilation is that it is based on the testimony of dozens of people who witnessed things that happened from the 1940s up until the early 1990s. Their testimony fits together extremely well and tells a clear, consistent story. Here are the key elements of that story:

Though UFOs have visited earth for a long time, there was a surge of UFO activity after World War II. This was because of the detonation of atomic weapons, which are of great concern to the extraterrestrials. UFO appearances became very frequent, and they were concentrated around military installations. The extraterrestrials corrected the problem pretty quickly, but, early on, the guidance systems of the UFOs were affected by our radar systems, and quite a few UFOs crashed. Crashed UFOs as well as dead ETs (and a few live ones) were captured by the military. Projects for reverse-engineering UFOs have been going on since the late 1940s.

Control of these “black operations” by the military was very quickly taken over by small, powerful groups of people who kept everything secret. Several people testified that President Dwight Eisenhower was very interested in and concerned about UFOs but that as early as Eisenhower’s presidency the elected government lost control to private interests. Many think that this was the basis of Eisenhower’s sharp warning about the military-industrial complex in his last speech as president. Since Eisenhower’s era, the elected government has been kept in the dark about UFOs and UFO technology. The military-industrial complex owns it all. Many presidents, including John Kennedy, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, and Bill Clinton, have been aware of the existence of UFOs and have tried but failed to break through the secrecy of military-industrial black operations.

UFO technology is based on anti-gravity propulsion powered by zero-point energy systems (basically, free, unlimited energy that permeates the universe). The military-industrial complex have reverse-engineered these technologies, but they are kept secret in the interest of power and profit. Some UFO technologies have been put to use, however, including miniaturized integrated circuit chips, lasers, fiber optics, and materials such as Kevlar.

UFOs are reported to have frequently interfered with the operation of atomic weapons and their delivery systems. UFOs have repeatedly shut down ICBMs. Some say that ETs ordered the U.S. and U.S.S.R. to stop nuclear testing and told both countries that no more detonations of nuclear weapons would be permitted.

There are very few areas in which the testimony of these multiple witnesses is contradictory. One such area is how ETs communicate. Then again, as many as 25 different species of ETs have been reported, so maybe this varies from species to species. Several witnesses say that ETs communicate only telepathically and that humans can “hear” them if the ETs want to be heard. One report says that ETs do talk, but that communication, especially on technical matters, is difficult and requires help from a linguist. Some witnesses say that they worked with ETs on duplicating ET technology. Reports of direct communication with ETs and engineering help from ETs peter out after the late 1950s. There is no testimony that would answer the question whether ETs stopped cooperating with humans, or whether the secrecy around that cooperation has been more successful. Reading between the lines, though, it seems to me that a fair assumption would be that cooperation between ETs and humans had broken down by the 1960s because the ETs did not like the direction in which earthling black operations were going.

No one has testified that ETs are hostile, though several witnesses have expressed concern over what could happen if the United States continues with the weaponization of space and continues to build systems that are intended to shoot down UFOs outside the earth’s atmosphere.

Multiple witnesses have testified that we earthlings have long possessed the technology to end our reliance on fossil fuels and clean up the earth but that we don’t, to protect the profits of the oil and coal industries.

Some witnesses speculate that there is growing pressure inside the black operation cartels to go public. Younger members of the cartels, it is said, tend to view matters differently than older cold-war types like Dick Cheney. These younger members, it is said, also are less sympathetic to the oil cartel and are more open to making the now-secret technologies available to benefit the earth’s ecosystem. These younger members understand that they are being complicit in the destruction of the earth’s ecosystem if something doesn’t change.

I personally am pretty satisfied with the story that emerges. It makes sense to me. But a few things still don’t make sense to me. If the ETs are displeased with the black cartels that have taken over in the name of humanity and kept everything secret, then why don’t the ETs bypass the cartels and take their case directly to the masses? In 1952, the ETs appear to have made such a threat, during a dispute with earthlings. They overflew the Capitol.

Multiple witnesses say that there are only about 40 people on earth who know the whole story. They have no right to keep this from us. Neither the truth, nor the technologies they are hoarding, belong to them.

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  1. Rene wrote:

    Some say that the benevolent ETs do not like to interfere or meddle in other species’ affairs, that there is a doctrine of “free will.” However, there are those who wonder if ETs would step in if things here reached a crisis point with the environment.

    Seems to me that we are pretty near the crisis point with the environment as some scientists are declaring if we proceed with the tar sands project it’s “game over,” see link below.

    David, where do you do the bulk of your current events reading? I do a lot of reading on the Common Dreams website, joking that it’s “Commie Dreams!” I find the articles posted there quite informative.

    Saturday, August 27, 2011 at 1:57 pm | Permalink

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