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What hurricane?

Miracle peppers. Do they have deep roots or something?

One would think that a major hurricane traveling along the North Carolina coastline would bring more rain to inland North Carolina. I am about 225 miles from the coast. My forecast shows a chance of rain of only 20 percent as the hurricane passes by tomorrow (Saturday).

A thunderstorm last night left .4 inch of rain, the only rain I’ve had in almost two weeks. This summer has proved to be more wretchedly dry than last summer, which was bad enough. In any case, last night’s rain will help things survive a few more days.

It surprised me, but the peppers took the hot, dry weather better than anything else in the garden. I have no idea why. I left the peppers standing when I pulled up all the dead stalks from the summer garden. I’ve also watered the pepper plants a bit during the last four or five days, because they had some blooms and they clearly they wanted to produce another round of peppers.

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