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Monthly Archives: September 2007

Thoughts on exterior colors

Notice the color scheme on the house in the background. The roof appears to be tile, the exterior appears to be brick — natural colors. But the windows are stark white. The house is in Germany. Love that steep, flared roof. The stark white window frames gave me a new idea for the exterior of […]

A bit of Stokes history

The Winston-Salem Journal has an article today on the restoration of Davis Chapel near Danbury. This was a community project by people who wanted to save a charming piece of Stokes County history. I believe the plan is that the church will now function as a historic site and a place rentable for community events. […]

Sustainable living in Stokes County

Butterfly hunting in Stokes, Carolina Butteryfly Society I noticed in the reader statistics for this web site that someone recently found the web site with the search “sustainable living, Stokes County, N.C.” What a great idea for a post. Sustainable living means frugality and low consumption, with minimum disturbance to land and wildlife. First of […]

My neighborhood in San Francisco

Let’s take a little walk around my neighborhood in San Francisco — partly because it’s an interesting neighborhood, and partly because there are some architectural and landscaping elements that will work in the country. I live at Park Hill on Buena Vista Avenue East, facing Buena Vista Park. The house in the photo below is […]