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Sprout season begins, with an eye on the election

Good kitchens roll with the seasons. When fall sets in, and the summer tomatoes and basil have been mourned, greens and sweet potatoes appear as compensation. Peppers will keep going until the first frost. Come winter, we’ll have nothing fresh other than what is shipped in. So sprouts are a winter thing, especially if you […]

Sweet potatoes again

After all, it’s high season for sweet potatoes. I was trying to figure out what to do with a sweet potato for breakfast. The only thing that seemed appealing was a sweet potato cake. It’s just like the potato cakes you might make from white potatoes. There is diced onion, with an egg, some wheat […]

Buffalo: Who knew?

Quorn cutlets in Buffalo sauce with mozzarella I was Googling for ideas for what to do with Quorn faux-chicken cutlets. I came across chicken breasts in Buffalo sauce with mozzarella. Hmmm. But what the heck is Buffalo sauce? A little Googling revealed Buffalo sauce to be a zesty sauce served with chicken wings. It originated […]

Chicken pot pie, Quorn version

Click here for high-resolution version. The Quorn chicken nuggets make a very fine chicken pot pie. I previously wrote about Quorn here, and Scottish meat pies here. I am acquiring the opinion that crusts for pot pies and meat pies don’t need to be flaky, and that lower-fat hot-water crusts work just fine. The 4-inch […]

Scottish meat pie — Quorn version

Click here for high-resolution version. In Oban in the west of Scotland, I got a good look at a Scottish meat pie. Unfortunately, I neglected to get a photo of it. But what I noticed about the meat pie was that it stands alone, that the sides are straight, and that the top crust was […]


Kung Pao Quorn. Click here for high-resolution version. In Scotland, I made a very nice new food discovery: Quorn. Quorn is a meat substitute made from a fungus. It started in Europe, but Quorn is now sold in the United States. Somehow, I was never aware of Quorn, even though I discovered after returning from […]

A photo a day, #8

Click here for high-resolution version. Tourism is the cornerstone of the Scottish economy and accounts for something like 10 percent of Scotland’s jobs. Without tourism, rural areas of Scotland would surely be poor. The tourism industry in Scotland seems well aware of the importance of food in making tourists happy. Odds are that, as long […]

Dieting without being hungry

Rump roast plus some less-guilt-inducing things. Click here for high-resolution version. In eleven years of blogging here, I don’t think I’ve ever written about cooking beef before. I’m 98.6 percent vegetarian, but diets change things (for a while). During my adult life, my weight has bounced back and forth from about 147 to 157 pounds. […]

Walnut pâté

Raw walnut pâté in pocket bread, cucumber slaw, homemade refrigerator pickle, garden tomato. Click here for high resolution version. A good maxim for good health would be, eat more walnuts. Believe it or not, here in the Blue Ridge foothills, I can sometimes find local black walnuts for sale in late summer. You have to […]

If you’ve got too much of it, baba ganoush it

Are we tired of squash and okra yet? It could happen. Baba ganoush is not just for eggplant. Any vegetable that likes to be roasted can be turned into baba ganoush. This one is made from roasted yellow squash and roasted okra. Are we tired of pesto yet? I hope not, because the basil is […]