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Monthly Archives: June 2024

A lightning bug

A firely on a basil leaf It has taken more than ten years for the abbey’s one-acre clearing in the woods to become a suitable habitat for lightning bugs. There are far fewer fireflies than there used to be because of pesticides and loss of habitat. When I was a child, there were fireflies virtually […]

Not exactly the High Hay

The entrance into the woods in the abbey’s front yard. The deer use it as a doorway. Click here for high-resolution version. One of the most memorable bits of landscape in Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings is The Hedge, or “High Hay,” that protected the Hobbits of Buckland from the scary creatures of the Old […]

We Americans need the Guardian now

The U.S. edition of the Guardian has been a part of my daily news-reading rounds for years. I probably should have subscribed long ago. Today I did it. The reasons for subscribing to the Guardian have continued to add up. I will list them, because I think the reasons are important to all Americans in […]

Ken is now on Substack

Video of an oldie — Ken on The Tonight Show in 2013, after his first book was published Ken Ilgunas is now on Substack. He’s also in the process of deciding whether to also start a podcast, but I suspect he will do that. You can sign up for his Substack articles here. Some articles […]