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Monthly Archives: February 2012

San Francisco comes to Mayberry

Allen, at Mayberry’s Ground Zero — Snappy Lunch in Mount Airy. We did not eat a fried pork chop sandwich. It’s not often that I get visitors from San Francisco. They get the full tour of Mayberry country. Allen Matthews, a former colleague at the San Francisco Chronicle, was here last weekend. He was in […]

Ken gets a book contract

Ken Ilgunas, writing Those of you who also read Ken’s blog are aware that he has landed a book contract. I’ve read his first draft of the book, which will be published early next year, and y’all are in for a treat. I’m proud to say that Ken did all this writing (and editing) here […]

Tax propaganda

Timothy Geithner Every now and then I read dozens of versions of so-called reporting on stories that are important to the establishment, just to marvel at the shallowness of the reporting and the shocking level of co-ordination among the mainstream “news” outlets. I went through this exercise this morning on stories about President Obama calling […]

Fertilizer run

WoodCreek Farm and Supply It’s surprising how difficult it is, at least around here, to get organic fertilizer in 50-pound bags. Hardware stores such as Lowe’s sell some organic fertilizers in small packages, but the price per pound is far too high. The nearest source I’ve found is WoodCreek Farm and Supply at Cana, Virginia. […]

A day in the life of San Francisco

To make us all miss San Francisco (or want to go there), here’s a new video from the San Francisco tourism bureau. The video makes San Francisco look like all play. But San Franciscans are some of the hardest working people in the world. Oh well. At least I had 17 amazing years there. Here’s […]

How we got into this mess

James Goldsmith on the Charlie Rose show, Nov. 15, 1994 The devastation to our economies caused by globalization and Wall Street gaming was predictable. It also was predicted. Those of us who, in the 1990s, failed to anticipate where globalization would lead now have an obligation to look back and try to understand why we […]

Prabhupada Village

Yesterday Ken and I made a visit to Prabhupada Village, a 360-acre village of Hare Krishna devotees about 8 miles north of Acorn Abbey. They all live simply and close to the land. Many of them farm and are excellent farmers. In many ways, they live much as the rural people of this county lived […]