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Ken gets a book contract

Ken Ilgunas, writing

Those of you who also read Ken’s blog are aware that he has landed a book contract. I’ve read his first draft of the book, which will be published early next year, and y’all are in for a treat.

I’m proud to say that Ken did all this writing (and editing) here at the abbey. It’s a book about student debt, it’s a book about Ken’s adventures, and it’s a book about the problems that young people face in getting a start in our screwed-up world. But I believe that Ken also is launching himself as a philosopher cast in the same mold as Thoreau, and as an adventurer and travel writer.

It’s what monks do, after all — make books — in addition to the farming and baking. I’ve started a sideline business — Acorn Abbey Books. A book for which I did the editing, typography, and prepress work will be printed later this year. I also have other projects up my sleeve. Ken is very fortunate to have gotten a good contract with a rich commercial publishing house. Acorn Abbey Books will go the self-publishing route, with print versions as well as digital versions.

Also, later this year, I plan to redesign this web site and blog in a new domain — either or Right now I’m a little too bogged down in monk work. When Ken and I seemingly vanish from our blogs, that’s usually what’s distracting us — the monk work of writing and publishing.

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  1. brother doc wrote:

    That’s great about Ken, the guy can write– and your publishing venture also sounds interesting. As for all that “monk work”–that’s why you call it the abbey, right? The energy level around there sounds pretty high to me from what I read on this blog. Be sure to let us know if you move from this site. Think Spring!

    Monday, February 27, 2012 at 11:06 pm | Permalink

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