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Monthly Archives: January 2014

Drug store lunch counter

I thought that all the old-fashioned drug store lunch counters had closed long ago. But I discovered today that there’s one in Walnut Cove at Hick’s Pharmacy. It’s called the Red Rooster. I asked one of the women who works there why there is no sign out front. She said there is — the red […]

Fugue in Ursa Major: delayed by revisions

In retrospect, I was way too optimistic in thinking that Fugue in Ursa Major would be ready to go on sale last month. The feedback I got from some of my first readers was very good and very intense. That left me with a good bit of thinking to do. Still, progress is being made, […]

First snow of the winter

Rocking chair rehab

I apologize for going so long without posting. I’ll blame it on the weather — first freezing cold, with some water problems, followed by heavy rain. January has been dreary so far. But today was fairly nice, and Ken got started on a project that I’m happy to see come up in the queue: the […]