Are you focusing on food, too?

Cabbage, just planted

I confess that, a week ago, I felt as though this all might be just a game of Doomsday. As the news gets worse, everything has started to feel more and more real. After thinking about it for a while, it seems likely to me that food is even more important than avoiding the virus, though both, obviously, are the top priorities. With food in mind, Ken finished planting the spring garden today.

The calculus may change according to the situation, but right now the protocol is to go out for fresh foods (and as much storage food as possible) at the early-morning seniors-only hours that many stores have scheduled, including Whole Foods and Walmart. At that hour, the shelves should be better stocked, and there should be fewer people in the store.

I got out the books on foraging today. Who knows how bad this might get? Wild foods might be a great help.

As always, please comment with ideas and reports from your part of the world.

Burning brush on the garden plot

The old tiller gets a workout.

Ready to plant. The soil here is naturally red. The dark color is from all the organic material that has been added to the garden over the past 11 years.