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Monthly Archives: June 2014

Making the most of squash

The abbey garden is cranking out squash faster than the abbey kitchen can handle it. Squash has been on the menu almost every day. Squash can be one of the most boring vegetables in the world, so preparing it is a big challenge. Everyone’s favorite squash dish, of course, is sliced squash dipped in batter […]

Mockingbird nest

The photo was taken with an iPhone.

Thanks for lunch. Gotta run.

They invited themselves to lunch and helped themselves to day lily buds. There were a few left that they’d forgotten to eat during the night.

A tour of Vade Mecum

Most of the readers of this blog are not from Stokes County, or even from North Carolina, so I need to explain what Vade Mecum is and why people in Stokes County are so concerned about it. A hundred years ago and longer, Stokes County was a tourist destination. People would come into Walnut Cove […]

Tender is the greens

A serious weapon that every kitchen needs, for wielding against hard-to-cook foods, is a pressure cooker. I wouldn’t know how to cook garbanzo beans without one (and we eat a lot of hummus). Lately I have turned the pressure cooker toward the problem of tender mustard greens. Tender mustard is a desideratum of every gardener. […]