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Monthly Archives: January 2008

Road trip!

Later this afternoon I will shut down my computers in San Francisco, and I’ll pretty much be out of the loop until I get to North Carolina. I will start the drive across the country on Sunday, Jan. 27, with a one-day stop in Sacramento. While I’m in the Jeep, I’ll be using my ham […]

Goodbye to the Chronicle…

Mike Keiser  Friday was my last day at the Chronicle, and Saturday night my Chronicle colleagues had a beautiful party for me at the home of Allen Matthews and Deb Wandell. I am really going to miss my Chronicle colleagues, but they’ve all promised to come visit and have an omelette from my fresh […]

New bike routes in Stokes

Winston-Salem Journal I’m sure a lot of the locals don’t much like outsiders bicycling through the county, but just consider how much nicer it is to have flocks of bicycists rather than flocks of bulldozers. The two modes of economic development are mutually exclusive. 4 bike routes get N.C. recognition Stokes County hopes to have […]

What should we do about too many deer?

Winston-Salem Journal Why are there too many deer in the suburbs? It’s not just because there are too few natural predators and because it’s dangerous for hunters to shoot deer in the suburbs. It’s also because there’s more for deer to eat in the suburbs. In an old-growth forest, there’s very little new growth for […]

Bluegrass meets anime

This odd blending of Bluegrass and anime is, I think, evidence of the universal appeal of Bluegrass.