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Thoughts on exterior colors


Notice the color scheme on the house in the background. The roof appears to be tile, the exterior appears to be brick — natural colors. But the windows are stark white. The house is in Germany. Love that steep, flared roof.

The stark white window frames gave me a new idea for the exterior of my gothic cottage. The roof will be metal shingles, the color of an old galvanized washtub. For the wooden siding, I plan to use a gray, weathered stain — tree trunk color. Andersen windows come in only four exterior colors — a light brown sand color, a darker brown, a dark green, and white. None of those colors seemed quite right, but I was thinking of going with dark green.

But I wonder, since the bay window on the first floor and the gothic window on the second floor are such an important part of the character of the house, if they wouldn’t look quite striking with white frames. If you’ve got a gothic window, flaunt it!

Use your imagination on the grayscale image:


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