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Making things while the sun shines

It’s January, right? The high temperature today was about 67 F. So far this month, almost 5.5 inches of rain have fallen. Some nearby folks report that the snakes have been up — in January! It has been a beautiful month. I’m all for it as long as we don’t have an early spring that subsequently gets frozen back.

Ken is building a second chicken house. This is not so much to expand the flock (eight chickens probably is all we need or would care to accommodate). Rather, it’s about giving us more options in where we pasture the chickens. The chickens have three areas, separately fenced — the garden, the orchard, and the woods. As for the garden, they can go there only at certain times of year. As for the orchard, if the chickens spend too much time in the orchard, they damage the turf. The woods are the best place for the chickens in the summer, because it’s cool there with plenty of leaf cover to scratch under. So the new chicken house, which is in the woods, will be largely a summer dwelling for the chickens. Nothing is too good for the abbey chickens. Ken spoils chickens the way other people spoil dogs and cats. They’re partly girlfriends and partly pets, he says.

The new chicken house is not yet complete, so I’ll have more photos soon. We’ll be getting baby chickens as soon as the local mill gets them in stock — probably about six weeks from now.

Cover crop in the garden, doing well

Daffodils coming up, too soon

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