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Monthly Archives: December 2008

What they're eating on Maui

And here are some fruit shots emailed in from Maui, with a couple of cats for a bonus. Above, Mama Maya. Gandalf the Gray

What they're eating in the south of France #1

A friend in Perpignan sends an email with the subject “The slaughtering of a Pomelo” with three photographs. “Remark,” she writes, “how great a part of the Pomelo constitutes skin and albedo,” sending me to the dictionary, because I’ve only encountered the term “albedo” in technical discussions of global warming. Note also that, in the […]


The winter sky soon after sunrise on Dec. 1. A rainy front from the Gulf of Mexico is being pushed away by cooler, dryer air. Christmas wreath with woodpile The woods behind the house The house, from the woods behind the house Even though 1.3 inches of rain fell in the last two days, only […]