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The winter sky soon after sunrise on Dec. 1. A rainy front from the Gulf of Mexico is being pushed away by cooler, dryer air.

Christmas wreath with woodpile

The woods behind the house

The house, from the woods behind the house

Even though 1.3 inches of rain fell in the last two days, only a tiny trickle of water is flowing in my little stream. This is good, really. The water is clean — no runoff. Most of the rain soaked into the ground. Not until the ground has been saturated, I guess, will the stream start flowing again. The summer of 2008 was not as dry as the summer of 2007, but more rain would be nice.

A stumpscape. This is in an area below the house where I removed old pine trees but left the stumps in place. I’ll let this area return to the wild, as part of the transition from woods to meadow.

Sonnet XXXV

Clearly my ruined garden as it stood
Before the frost came on it I recall —
Stiff marigolds, and what a trunk of wood
The zinnia had, that was the first to fall;
These pale and oozy stalks, these hanging leaves
Nerveless and darkened, dripping in the sun,
Cannot gainsay me, though the spirit grieves
And wrings its hands at what the frost has done.
If in widening silence you should guess
I read the moment with recording eyes,
Taking your love and all your loveliness
Into a listening body hushed of sighs . . .

Though summer’s rife and the warm rose in season,
Rebuke me not: I have a winter reason.

— Edna St. Vincent Millay

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