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Monthly Archives: June 2018

First pesto of the season

Cucumber-pasta pesto. Click here for high-resolution version. In the summer garden, the basil and cucumbers won the competition for who gets to the kitchen first. The yellow squash will be about one day behind, the first tomato about five days. It has been an excellent gardening year, at least for the summer garden. The rainfall […]

Why the trend toward mean-looking cars?

Normally, car design is one of the farthest things from my mind. But as I mentioned in a post a few weeks back, I recently bought a new car. So I’ve been noticing things that I normally ignore. The thing I noticed while looking for a new car — and the thing I continue to […]

Rainbow on the opposite ridge

Click here for high-resolution version. This photo has been tweaked in Photoshop, using the “Levels” control. The color here is all real and is just as the camera saw it, but the overall darkening of the image in Photoshop brightens the colors and intensifies the luminosity. The view is from an upstairs front window.

Garden report

Click here for high-resolution version. I’m not the sort of gardener who does everything the same from year to year. I experiment. I try to learn from my failures. After all, gardening is an exercise in adaptability, since conditions are never exactly the same. This year’s garden strategy was to plant sparsely in such a […]