Truck porn

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For those who don’t share my truck fetish, I apologize. To me, carefully engineered machines are art. The beauty of military trucks is that there is little or no concern for showroom style. Rather, it’s all about function and the military specifications.

I believe I have identified this truck as an M109A3 shop van. It’s parked beside the road near Meadows, North Carolina, in Stokes County.

Shop vans were used as mobile repair shops. The interior of the truck’s body is probably more or less empty. If you want to turn a surplus military truck into a camper, this would be a nice way to go. A sticker that remains on the front of this truck indicates that it sold as a military surplus item for about $9,500.

The photograph was taken with my Nikon D2X camera in high-dynamic-range mode. Four images at varying exposures were combined into one.

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