When you're craving something fried…


Sometimes the craving for something fried is irresistible. It can get bad enough to tempt me to start up the Jeep in the pouring rain and go out and eat something I shouldn’t. Sometimes hot homemade bread and butter will extinguish the fried-food craving, but I’m always looking for alternatives.

I’d rate a pasta and vegetable stir-fry about B- for curing a fried-food craving. But it works.

Start by browning lots of onion. Then throw in the cooked pasta and brown that too. The pasta in the photo, by the way, is whole wheat pasta — it’s not that brown from being fried. Pasta likes to be lightly browned. It gives it a nice chewy texture. Tonight I added some walnuts and let them get nice and hot with the onion and pasta. I used “broccoflower,” which is cheap and good here in the wintertime. To cook the vegetables, I threw in a little white wine and covered the pan until the broccoflower was good and hot. Then remove the lid and make sure all the wine has boiled away.

Browned onions are a great seasoning. It’s easy to forget just how sweet onions are until you’re reminded how nicely they caramelize.

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