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Look who’s a mommie!

Click here for higher-resolution version.

The white deer has been around for several years now, bless her heart. It’s possible that there are even two white deer in this little hidden valley. This is the first time I’ve ever seen her with a fawn. The photo was taken from an upstairs front-facing window. I got a good look at her this morning. She’s a very pretty deer, and she looks healthy.

Click here for higher-resolution version.

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  1. DCS wrote:

    I can’t believe you captured these close and clear photos! They are absolutely enchanting.

    Speaking of enchanting, have you seen stories about the synchronized fireflies in the Smoky Mountains?

    I saw a recent story, which I’ll try to find again, that talked about natural phenomena like this being the impetus for fairy stories. Here’s another:

    And a Google Image gallery:



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