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Egg report


I got a second egg this morning, so I fried them both for lunch today.

The shells were much thicker and harder than any grocery store egg I’ve ever had. The yolks stood up so nicely that it makes one realize that commercial eggs are never truly fresh. The yolks were that dark gold color that I’ve only ever seen in homemade eggs. I was afraid the yolks would not be properly dark, because the dry summer weather hasn’t left me much fresh grass and clover to feed the chickens. As far as I know, it’s primarily chlorophyll that makes the yolks so rich. But my chickens do get a varied diet that includes a lot of fruit and vegetable scraps, so maybe chlorophyll is not as essential as I thought.

I’ve rounded up some sunflower seeds, flax seeds, and wheat berries to mix with their laying mash. They seem to crave protein and go for protein foods first when I take them treats.

The quality of the eggs, and my hens’ happy dispositions, makes me feel even more sorry for the hens that produce commercial eggs. Obviously commercial hens aren’t fed well.

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