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Sourdough update

Whole wheat sourdough bread from homemade starter

I am a novice at sourdough bread, but I do think I’ve learned that sourdough requires experience. Experience not only for the baker, but also for the sourdough starter. My sourdough starter, which I made from scratch, is now a month old. I first made bread with it when it was seven days old. The first loaf rose, and it was decent bread, but each subsequent loaf has gotten better. I think this is because I’m learning how to handle sourdough and because the starter is getting more mature. At first, the starter had more of a neutral, fruity smell. Now it’s getting more and more sour and smells more and more like sauerkraut.

Yesterday’s bread took six hours to rise. I suppose that’s normal, but I’m still learning.

Here’s a link to my previous post on sourdough.

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