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Old Southern house trimmings


Much of the South’s old rural housing stock is falling into ruin. This is the case with the Yadkin Valley house that my mother was born in. It was built by her grandfather. The house, and most of the land the house sits on, is no longer in the family.

I’m considering salvaging a tiny bit of tradition by duplicating the trim on the front porch posts of my mother’s childhood home. My brother did this. He copied the pattern and used it for the front porch of his house, which is about 25 years old.

Though the pattern is not exactly Gothic revival, I’m thinking that tradition may trump strict adherence to the Gothic revival style of Acorn Abbey.

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  1. mountain madness wrote:

    Reminds me of our family farm in MI… Still owned by my mother’s family for the last 120 years.. The house my mother was born in is gone now but the house she grew up in my grandmother still lives in. The only thing Ive asked is that the house stay in the family when she passes…. So many memories and childhood lessons were had in that farm house!!! Those were the good times and back then I didnt even know it!!! But now I look back on those days with the fondest of memories!!!

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