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Shepherd's pie


James-Michael, who returns to California tomorrow after a 10-day visit to the abbey, cooked tonight’s supper. It’s shepherd’s pie. This kind of all-in-one dish makes great sense for working people like James-Michael. Make the dish on the weekend, and the leftovers will help get you through the week.

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  1. mountain madness wrote:

    I make Shepherd’s pie at least once a week in my house. One because my father is British and I had it a lot as a child and two because I do have a lot of left overs by the end of the week. My boys call it my “one pot wonder”… Wonder what’s in this one tonight? LOL… Sometimes it’s left over meat loaf, ham or pot roast and of course we always have left over mashed potatoes…. Even if I only have a cup or so of left over veggies each night I still save them and by the end of the week I have a nice combo of mixed veggies to add to it…. Looks good!!!

    Thursday, October 14, 2010 at 8:08 am | Permalink

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