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Blum's Almanac


Recently, while talking with a neighbor who has been gardening in this area for a long time, I asked him how he decides when to plant particular things. His response: “I use the almanac.” I didn’t even ask him which almanac, because I just assumed that he meant Blum’s Almanac.

Blum’s Almanac is published in Winston-Salem, North Carolina (about 25 miles from here), and the 2011 edition is its 183rd year. My grandparents always had this almanac, and I believe they planted by it. Though the almanac was an icon of my childhood, as an adult I’ve never used an almanac. My first question (and I don’t know the answer) is how an almanac can give planting dates without reference to the planter’s latitude and altitude. So I have a lot to learn about how an almanac works and how to use it.

But I intent to start. I ordered a three-year subscription.

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