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No basil yet, but pesto season begins

Romaine pesto with walnuts

After weeding the garden this morning and telling the young basil to grow, grow, grow, I couldn’t get pesto out of my head. So I made pesto from Romaine, because Romaine was what I had.

That means that the pesto was still what I would consider a winter pesto. Though the Romaine was surprisingly good, only a basil pesto made from just-cut basil at the height of summer is a proper pesto, to my lights.

This year I have the smallest garden I’ve ever had here at the abbey. My reasoning is that, this year, a nearby farm is going to be selling summer vegetables, all varieties $1.50 a pound, with discounts when you buy in canning quantities. The vegetables will be picked the morning they’re sold from fields within sight of the farm stand. Each morning on Facebook, the farm puts up a post to say what they have that day, and how much of it. Within the next couple of weeks I’ll have photos of my garden and of the farm stand. I’m going to eat well again this summer, and I’ll do some canning, too.

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