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Getting the garden ready

The chickens love anything that scratches the soil.

A lot of work got done in the garden today. It’s almost time to plant the cabbages, etc., one to two weeks from now.

Ken spread 300 pounds of organic fertilizer, 50 pounds of lime, and many wheelbarrow loads of compost. All of that got nicely tilled into the soil. Now the soil needs to sit for a week or two so that the winter rye, which we tilled under today, can break down. The fertilizer also needs to wash in a bit. Rain is forecast for tomorrow.

We actually measured the pH of the garden today. It was 6.9 — just a tad on the acid side of neutral. This surprised me. Pine trees grew on the soil for years, and I expected it to be more acid. On the whole, the garden soil is looking much better than I expected. We’ll soon see how well things grow.

Ken spoils Patience.

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