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Cabbage report

Ken with our organic cabbage. The seeds were started 49 days ago, and the plants have been in the ground for 11 days.

The cabbages were transplanted outdoors on March 15 and have now been in the ground for 11 days. They are doing really well. It was hard going at first. When we planted the cabbage outdoors (they were started from seed indoors on Feb. 4), I thought that our main concern would be cold weather. Cabbages can stand a frost, but not a hard freeze. Instead of cold weather, we had hot, dry weather. There were two days in the cabbages’ first week when the temperature was over 80 degrees. I had to carry water to the cabbages to keep them from wilting.

The cabbages are much happier now that they’ve had rain and established some roots. With any luck, they’ll be water self-sufficient from here on out.

We also started our tomato and pepper plants from seed today, in the grow-light system. The plan is to plant them outdoors around the first of May.

All in all, the garden is going well. The snowpeas are five inches high, and we also have some onions (started from sets) coming along.

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