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This blog has been copied — lock, stock and barrel — from, where the blog was started in 2007. This will be the blog’s new home, though I’ll update both domains in parallel (probably for months) to give everyone time to move here. Eventually, will be retired, and all the new material will be here. However, I am in no hurry to retire, which gets about 5,000 visitors per week. Since 2007, I’ve written so many posts on so many subjects that a lot of people land here with Google searches. I don’t want to lose all that Google traffic.

Note that when you visit the Into the Woods blog here in the new domain, all the existing posts have been copied here, going all the way back to 2007. You’ll find a simpler, fresher look. Photos will display slightly larger. And, because the new blog uses the latest version of WordPress, I’m hoping that comments will be easier.

The Into the Woods blog will continue to focus on simple living in rural America. But because Acorn Abbey is increasingly involved in publishing, a new domain, appropriately named, with some shift in focus seems appropriate.

I’ll have more information soon on the next book to come out of Acorn Abbey. That will be Fugue in Ursa Major, a science fiction novel by David Dalton. The novel is finished and is now being edited. Soon the novel will be in the hands of my three distinguished reader/advisers. After that, there will be more editing and minor revisions before it’s published. Publication should happen in late November or December.

I’m going to self-publish Fugue in Ursa Major. The odds of finding a commercial publisher are terrible. Self-publishing is no longer stigmatized. I’ve been in publishing all my life, so it’s easy work. There will be a trade paperback version available through Amazon, as well as an Kindle edition and an edition for Apple iBooks.

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