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So, who reads this blog?


Age breakdown of readers of this blog

As I mentioned in a post a few days ago, I’ve been reflecting on the next chapter in the future of this blog. One of the things I’ve done is look at the blog’s analytics, to see what draws readers here. Which reminds me that I never disclosed that I’m running analytics, and I probably should have. I’ve been running a basic, free, not terribly snoopy version of Google Analytics here for about 18 months. It knows (or guesses) your age, your approximate location, your language, whether you’ve been here before, what you Googled for if you came here on a Google search, etc.

One of the interesting things I discovered is that most people who visit this blog are young. More than a third of the readers here are age 25 to 34. Even the elusive 18 to 24 crowd comes here! I find this incredibly flattering, given that I am 66. If you’re older than that and read this blog, then you should be flattered too, because I think it means that we’re young at heart and that our view of the world aligns with that of young people in their prime. For comparison, below, I’ve included a chart on the ages of all Internet users, for comparison. So this is a genuine factoid about the readers of this blog, not just a statistical fluke, though of course it’s true that a lot of people my age just aren’t on line.

By gender, the breakdown is about evenly divided between men and women.

Of the about 25,000 people who’ve been here in the last year, most are one-stop visitors who have Googled for a subject I’ve written about. However, about 5,000 people come back regularly, and 1,800 of you have been here more than 200 times. In all, 37 percent are returning visitors. Again, I am flattered.

Of the people who pass through based on Google searches, chickens, mushroom logs and recipes are of particular interest — anything having to do with healthy country living.

Only 76 percent of you are in the United States. About 3.5 percent are from Britain, and another 3.5 percent from Canada. About 1 percent of those who have visited the blog are from Russia, Brazil, France, Australia, Germany and India.

So, now that I know that y’all are either young or young at heart, I’ll keep that in mind. You’re interested in living better, but living simple. You have literary and historical interests — some of you even Googled for “Divitiacus.” Some of you Googled for the history of the Internet (I’ve been on the Internet since 1985 or so). You’re nerds, builders, bakers, cooks, writers, readers and audiophiles. You’re picky about what you watch on TV. At least 30 of you Googled for examples of anapestic rhythm!

In short, you’re smart, hip and eclectic — my kind of people. Thanks for visiting!


Ages of the on-line population


  1. Brother Doc wrote:

    Glad to see you are blogging again, January to April was a lengthy lag. Your statistics are interesting, not sure exactly where I fall. And am also glad to see of your political involvement, your comments (below) on Stokes have parallels in so many rural parts of our state, far too many of which nevertheless reliably vote Republican (the recent gerrymandering of course helps keep them in the majority). If you can figure that out and change it, you are better than most Democrats. But now that spring has (finally) returned do let us start seeing reports on your ambitious garden. Today being World Naked Gardening Day I wonder if you guys have shed your clothing for the occasion? lol BTW the painting of the Abbey is awesome–can it be blown up so the details you mention can be perceived?

    Saturday, May 2, 2015 at 5:12 pm | Permalink
  2. Henry wrote:

    i read it and I’m 75, next week

    Friday, May 8, 2015 at 8:34 pm | Permalink

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