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Monthly Archives: March 2009

House update

The Ditch Witch machine makes a ditch, and a mess. I’m sure I’ve complained before that the part of the building process that bothers me most is the excavation and the muddy mess it leaves. I plant grass, and it gets trampled, or dug up. On Tuesday the plumbing crew laid the underground pipe and […]

When you're craving something fried…

Sometimes the craving for something fried is irresistible. It can get bad enough to tempt me to start up the Jeep in the pouring rain and go out and eat something I shouldn’t. Sometimes hot homemade bread and butter will extinguish the fried-food craving, but I’m always looking for alternatives. I’d rate a pasta and […]

Tax rates

There was quite an outburst at the prospect of raising taxes for incomes over $250,000 a year. That’s radical, many said. “We’re running out of rich people,” said Michele Bachmann. “How Obama Will Bleed the Rich Dry” is the headline on Michael Gerson’s column this morning in the Washington Post. The key point of fact […]

Tweaking the snow photos…

I can’t resist tweaking the snow photos in Gimp (which, like Photoshop, is a photo editor) the better to imagine what the house might look like if it were old instead of new. Here it is converted to a duotone, with a Gaussian blur. The Jeep has been edited out.


I’ll try these shots again at dusk with a bit of light inside the windows.


Wikipedia Those who say that the United States is on a course toward European-type socialist democracies could be right. Let’s take a look at Denmark… In the past eight years I’ve made two business trips to Denmark and spent four weeks there. I helped install a Danish publishing system at the San Francisco Chronicle, so […]