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Eat more garlic!

New York Times

Here in San Francisco, it’s easy to follow a Mediterranean diet. San Franciscans have far more interaction with Tuscany and Provence than we do with Kansas, so the grocery stores and restaurants reflect that. San Francisco is surrounded by amazing farmland — Sonoma to the north, and places like Gilroy and Monterey to the South. San Franciscans eat extremely well.

It is getting easier to have a Mediterranean diet in the provinces. A Mediterranean diet is all about local, fresh, in-season fruits and vegetables, going easy on refined carbohydates, olive oil, olive oil, and more olive oil, and wine. What’s not to like?

There are a couple of good stories in today’s New York Times to help us Boomers stay healthy: why garlic is good for you, and a story about new research on diabetes. Managing diabetes is about diet, exercise, and reducing inflammation. The subject of how to reduce inflammation is very interesting to me, and I’ll post more on that subject in the future.

The American market is being flooded with cheap, low quality garlic from China. This is causing big problems for California growers, who grow superior, but more expensive, garlic. I intend to experiment with growing garlic once I’m settled in Stokes. Garlic comes in many varieties, even though you’ll only find one or two choices in the grocery store — regular garlic and “elephant” garlic. I don’t like elephant garlic. It may be easier to peel, but it’s very inferior.

Check out The Garlic Store.

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